Why Women Mean Business, Understanding the Emergence of our next economic revolution

By Avivah Wittenberg-Cox And Alison Maitland

Postgraduate UK magazine 2009 - Boardroom breakthroughs (PDF).

Harvard Business Review
and Harvard Business Review Online, May 2008
“…makes lively reading…what’s especially valuable is the authors’ analysis of where companies go wrong in managing women….reading it will make male executives smarter about the women they manage, report to, sell to, and buy from. And that’s how it will help women in the workplace.”

Harper’s Bazaar, April 08
“…this book lays out the importance of retaining women in senior leadership positions, and the dangers of ignoring half the talent pool.”

International Herald Tribune & IHT.com, Fri 4th April 08
The review praised the book’s theme of “Why and how to improve women's place in business leadership”.

Personnel Today & PersonnelToday.com, Tue 1st April 08
“The authors have been meticulous in their research, with an impressive collection of up-to-date, relevant case studies and statistics.”

Ethical Corporation Magazine & EthicalCorp.com, April 08

www.theglasshammer.com, 8th April 08

Financial Times & FT.com, Fri 14th March 2008
“Thorough and direct… both a practical and lively a read… clear, authentic, stimulating and sometimes provocative.”

http://blogs.guardian.co.uk, March 6, 2008

Director magazine, March 08
“…offers practical advice, backed up by case studies and statistics.”

The Financial Times & www.ft.com, 28th February 2008
The greatest neglected resource in business
"Women have become probably the greatest neglected resource in business, both in their market potential as consumers and in their productive potential as employees... It is a fundamental weakness of business models that were designed for a male-dominated world... As the book suggests, we need a revolution in thinking."

The Financial Times & www.ft.com, 26th February 2008
Nature and nurture in the executive suite
"If companies want to succeed they will have to come around to women's way of doing things, the authors argue. Faced with falling populations, companies in Europe will need more women in senior management ... an innovative and stimulating book."

The Scotsman & www.scotsman.com, 18th February 2008
Women mean business
"Women, [the authors] argue, aren't just an integral part of today's business world, they are its economic future... the book is littered with ringing endorsements from senior British business figures – and yes, they are mainly men."

Scotland on Sunday & http://business.scotsman.com, 10th February:
"At last someone is talking sense, and we shouldn’t be surprised that it’s a woman."

The Sunday Times & Times Online, 10th February

Newstalk 106-108 - Moncrieff with Sean Moncrieff, 8th February

People Management & www.peoplemanagement.co.uk, 7th February
"Business leaders will benefit from the compelling case studies... HR professionals and diversity specialists would also benefit from the book's evidence-based approach… Perhaps the most important message is that being "women-friendly" is about being "people friendly", which is essential in attracting and retaining talent capable of delivering competitive advantage in the 21st century."

The Times (T2) & Times Online, Wednesday 6th February
"But what if men were to take on the job of demolition [of the glass ceiling]? Forget issues of equality and social justice. What if they could be persuaded that, in the interests of their own health and wealth, it was time to get serious about the issues? That is the question posed and answered in Why Women Mean Business."

Original106 radio - South of England, 6th February

The Guardian & Guardian Unlimited, Tuesday 5th February
"Why Women in Business became the Solution, not the Problem. A full-page article by Avivah Wittenberg-Cox and Alison Maitland in The Guardian's FINANCIAL section."

www.theglasshammer.com, 5th February

Personnel Today & www.personneltoday.com, February

Management Today February Issue
"…Wittenberg-Cox & Maitland have opened new ground [and] added a useful dimension to the debate. This is an ambitious book, spanning a wide range of topics related to women in business and, as such, is an excellent primer for anyone interested in this area. It's also well researched…"

Financial World & financialworld.co.uk, February

The Times & Times Online, Thursday 31st January

EuropeanPWN (Professional Women’s Network) Newsletterwww.europeanpwn.net

Nouvel Economiste, France , 31st January