Why Women Mean Business, Understanding the Emergence of our next economic revolution

By Avivah Wittenberg-Cox And Alison Maitland


Because women today are:

  1. Most of the market - women make 80% of consumergoods purchasing decisions*
  2. Most of the talent - women represent 60% of university graduates in Europe and North America**
  3. Linked to profitability - companies with the most women in leadership outperform those with the fewest ***
  4. Crucial to demographic challenges - countries that facilitate women in work enjoy higher birth rates and higher growth****
  5. Opening doors to tomorrow's talent - companies that adapt to women are better prepared for the new workforce, including the senior and younger generations
  6. Catalysts for change? Will the arrival of women in economic and political power change the world? For the better? Read the book....and make your own decision....